Dalmatian Dog Spots a Horse That Looks Exactly Like Him – What He Does Next is Totally Surprising

It is a well-known fact that dalmatians go along well with horses. Their affinity to horses has made this breed a popular choice as a natural guardian and follower for horse-drawn carriages. So when a dalmatian spots a horse that looks exactly like it, the lucky dog immediately becomes infatuated with the horse!

When it sees a horse that has black and white spots just like him, the dalmatian cannot resist from following the horse galloping around
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But, how did this breed get along really well with horses?

It began in the 17th century when dalmatians started to enjoy their status as society’s choice of pet and a lot of them were trained to run alongside horse-drawn carriages so as to keep thieves away from stealing the carriages and the horses.

Look at how infatuated the dog is with the ‘dalmatian’ horse! Watch the video here

You would see many of this breed’s illustration in many drawings from the 17th century where the dog was often painted standing next to the carriage.

Interestingly, the dogs would run just to the rear of the horses like in the video.

Dalmatians also have good hunting skills as they are also used to hunt wild boar, birds, and deer.

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