Teaching the Dog: A Potential Life Saver – “Sit”

Why teach your dog to sit?
He will learn that in order to get good-stuff-for-dogs he had better put his fanny on the ground and this is a good default behavior. It is very simple to teach; it helps establish human leadership and is a great substitute for jumping up and lots of other problems.
Teaching the Basic Behavior, Sit:
  1. Find a quiet place to practice and get your clicker, treats and dog. Wait for him to sit. When his bum hits the floor click and treat (C/T). Feed the treat while he is sitting and then toss another treat to get him up again. Continue to practice until your dog is sitting again right away after you feed his treat.
  2. Now say “sit” just as he begins to do so and C/T. From now on you will only reward sits that you have cued.
Becoming an Expert at Sitting:
  1. Practice for 5 minutes, twice per day by asking him to “sit” in increasingly distracting situations. Use the chart provided to track your progress.
  2. Practice “Go Crazy and Sit”: Run around with your dog while squeaking a toy and then ask him to sit. C/T success.
  3. “Say Please”: Ask your dog to sit whenever you give him something he likes such as access to outside, his food bowl, or petting.
  4. If you are having trouble, don’t get frustrated, just back up a step, succeed at that, take a break and then try again later (maybe with better treats).

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