[Touching Video] Thirteen Dogs Are Rescued From California Wildfires

This touching footage shows a group of excited dogs being rescued from a wildfire that raged through California.
Daniel Sauvageau was one of the people who went to rescue the animals in Magalia, California, USA earlier this month and stayed for three days while also filming everything on his phone.
He said: ‘I was tipped off by my friend Shaun who is working with PG&E (electrical company in the US) in the area – he is my eyes up there and tells me whenever he or his crew sees animals needing rescuing.

The rescuers helped save 17 dogs in total with 13 of them happily wagging their tails together

‘We have rescued 17 dogs, 12 cats, 6 goats and a donkey named ‘Waffles.’

Daniel also showed the devastation the fire has wreaked on human life.

He shows a condo in Paradise that was untouched by the wild fire, he then pans to the site of another condo 20 feet away which was completely destroyed.

The initial blaze started on the 8th of November and has levelled Paradise, destroying more than 13,000 homes.

These two excited hounds were found just 20 feet away from a house that was destroyed by fire

As Daniel approached them, they couldn’t contain their excitement and began licking him

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Heart-breaking images emerged last week of animals that weren’t so lucky.

Urgent evacuation orders have seen many animals abandoned, including horses and other farm animals, with residents potentially underestimating how damaging the fire would become.

Among the abandoned animals was a cat dubbed Billiegirl on social media after the road where she was found last Sunday.

Billiegirl waits for animal control to arrive after they were called by responders who discovered her near Bille Road in Paradise, Calif

Her image was shared all over the world as a miracle rescue, but unfortunately the animal did not survive its injuries.

Estimates suggest there are several thousands of animals left homeless because of the fires, like the dogs in the video.

Others have managed to escape or have been rescued, but the blazes have had a devastating impact on wildlife.

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